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Mutha Hood comes to Birmingham

Mutha Hood comes to Birmingham

St Paul's House - 15-20 St Paul's Square, Birmingham, UK

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I am so excited to tell you that my next guest is Gemma the amazing woman and BOSS of Mutha Hood @mutha.hood.

Gemma is mothering like a boss but she has built an empowering community of motherhood through her business. You only have to look at her page and other Insta pages to see the confidence she gave to women when she created the STRONG GIRLS CLUB Tee.

People have fallen in love with her because if you are on the gram, you know Gemma's stories show a hilarious, genuine and very honest woman but also because she encourages us all to have confidence within ourselves as we giggle on the way. 

But Gemma knows her stuff and how to make a business work, so join us if you are free to have a chat about how she has built this incredible community of women, a successful business and how she mothers whilst doing it all. If you are a fan or whether you own a business and want to be inspired, come along!


15-20 St Paul's Square, Birmingham, UK (Get Directions)