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The Plough Harborne - 21 High Street, Harborne, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Love for the Mama hosts its third Mama Meet Up with Warrior Woman Natalie Lee aka Style Me Sunday, the wonderful Pascale Banks aka Style Mum and the lovely Victoria Geneviève who is a full time Stylist.

Natalie will give us her take on fashion with a feeling, Natalie believes fashion and feeling are intrinsically linked. She uses fashion to portray how she is feeling or to change how she feels. Natalie will talk about why being confident with the body we have is so important, especially after becoming a mother and feeling positive towards ourselves. Natalie will tell us why she set up the Warrior Woman Project and of course motherhood to her two beautiful daughters who she refers to as 'ragbags.'

Pascale will talk about why she has a love of fashion but her day job is finance (What now?). Even though she loves an expensive piece, she also loves a good bargain and shops on the high street often. Pascale will cover why a wardrobe detox is sometimes a good thing and what investments to go for when buying an expensive piece rather than wasting your money on something you won't wear again. Also this lovely lady will talk about what motherhood looks like with her gorgeous twin boys.

Victoria Genevieve works closely with Pascale but she is a full time Stylist who has two children, Josh who is 13 and Lilly who is 3. Victoria's styling is not about finding that illusive 'perfect outfit' that will change our lives, she says in reality it is not just the outfit that we need to get right, we also need affirmation of who we are, and the confidence to love being that person. Victoria will talk about how you can find a look that really suits you, but also cover the psychological need to change your life through retail therapy.


21 High Street, Harborne, Birmingham, United Kingdom (Get Directions)